Accessibility Audit

Our team of experts would be conducting a detailed audit of a building, based on the international standards and building codes. A comprehensive report will be issued after the audit, highlighting all the observations and recommendations which could be done to improve the accessibility of the building.

Design Appraisal

Our team of experts will review the plans for a building. This is to ensure that the building is constructed with all the essential accesibility requirements. After reviewing the plans, an appraisal certificate shall be issued.

Design & Implementation

Our team designers and builders provide services to implement the structural modifications recommended as per an accessibility audit. Our services are also available to modify your home, shop, restaurant etc to be more disabled friendly and inclusive.


Out team is offering expert counsel on how to improve the accessibility of you home, office, restaurant etc.

E Rating System

A rating system for all types of commercial buildings, based on their level of accesibility. Such a rating system would prove to be a useful tool for persons with disabilities in planning their trip outside. 5E rated buildings will be the most accessible as per Blue-E rating system. Just by knowing the rating of a building a person will be able to expect the level of accesibility available in the building. Making it easier to plan outdoor trips without and worries. Business owners could book audits and get their building rated for boosting their business and for being more inclusive.

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