Disability is something which is ubiquitous. Even though on hearing the word most of us would picture a person with disabilities, "disability" is all around us. A simple example would be the stairs. Without stairs a normal person is disabled to reach an elevated platform. The stairs enable someone to climb up towards an elevated platform. Just like the stairs, which helps us to climb towards an elevated platform, ramps help a wheelchair user to do the same. The only difference, there are more stairs than there are ramps.

We at Blue-E strives to solve this problem of lack of right access, to infrastructures and services. We provide solution and the means to tackle the hassle. Through our detail oriented accessibility audits and accessibility rating system we could help you to convert your office, home, restaurant etc to a disabled friendly environment. We also provide services which could enable one to improve his/her quality of life, no matter what their disability is.


Mohammed shanil

Founder and CEO of Blue-E

He is an alumnus of Malappuram government college, graduated as a economist and has mastered his MBA from Bharathiar University. He was affected by polio at the age of 1. But he didn't let polio thwart his dreams.The hardships he endured moulded him to be assiduous and perseverant. He is an avid disability activist. He is also a wheelchair cricketer; and has founded the Wheelchair Cricket Association of Tamilnadu.

Febin Joy

Co-founder of Blue-E

He is a Marine Engineer who graduated from Cochin University of Science & Technology. A road traffic accident in 2015 rendered him quadriplegic. His ideas and a desire for a better inclusive environment has helped in the founding of Blue-E.

Gazan moideen

Co-founder of Blue-E

He is an alumnus of Islahiya Educational lnstitution. He is committed to bringing pragmatic changes to the society, in a way which is beneficial to the persons with disabilities. His visions and enthusiastic approach in tackling a problem has proved to be imperative in the realisation of Blue-E.

Vignesh Srinivas

Co-founder of Blue-E

He is a victim of spinal cord injury caused by an accident. He is a brilliant coder and networking expert. He strives to make a difference in society which could empower persons with disabilities. He wishes to realise this goal of his through Blue-E. He has dedicated his talents and skills to make realise Blue-E's mission.

Developed by Vignesh Srinivas